The Crow Prince


Everyone warned me away from the woods where the Crow Prince reigns, but I am Princess Heatherette, heir to all of Etrea, and I bow to no fae lord. I know that’s why he stole my enchanted ring, then offered it back in return for one night with him each year. It’s a deal I’m forced to make at the moment, but flee to avoid paying. Now I’m terrified the prince will come for what he’s owed, and more.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Crow Prince is not my usual dark erotica. It exists at the intersection of dark erotica, dark fantasy, and dark romance with horror vibes. While there's tons of dark erotic goodness to be had, this is a 40K novella that focuses more on the fantasy plot and worldbuilding in some places and takes more of a dark romantic turn with an HFN (happy for now) near the end (though this is NOT a romance). Please see the content warnings listed at the bottom if you have any strong aversions to certain content, but note that the warnings will give away parts of the plot.


I, Princess Heatherette, will break my country's centuries-long tradition of deference and fear toward the fae. With rapid innovation in anti-fae weaponry and my enchanted ring, I'm confident I can drag my people into a future of prosperity and human ascendancy once I take the throne.

But when I ignore what I think is my father's unnecessarily obsequious rule to stay away from the nearby forest said to be home to the Crow Prince, I'm forced to make a deal with the sinister fae lord: lie with him for one night every year and he'll return the ring he stole from me.

Of course, I won't; to do so might leave me fae-touched---forever altered by fae magic in a way that would make me an unpredictable pariah, stripped of my crown and every other freedom. But I must have my ring to ensure I remain heir to the throne, so I agree to his deal with every intention of destroying the vile creature if he insists on collecting his due.

I was so foolishly confident in the power of human technology against fae magic, especially magic bolstered by a broken vow. I ran from my promise with only my sworn knight at my side. Now the Crow Prince is set on taking what I promised him and making me understand in agonizingly intimate detail why every citizen of Etrea, from the lowest peasant to the king, himself, pays due respect to the fae lords of the Perishing Court.

CONTENT WARNINGS/KINKS/TROPES (spoilers): Noncon, noncon gangbang, noncon sexual humiliation, noncon oral, noncon anal, dubcon sharing, some noncon FF, painful sex (size difference), "special"/monster cock, violence, mild blood and gore, bisexual MMC (but no MM), mild sexually charged interaction between the two MMCs, MFM relationship, villain gets the girl


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