A Demon Sheds His Chains


I’m a demon who’s been forced to serve mages for far too long. So when I’m given a rare chance to seduce my master’s daughter into removing the ring that keeps me impotent, I jump at it, even though it means following her every command in bed. What she doesn’t know is that if she removes my ring, I’ll be free to do as I please. And it would please me to get revenge by using her tight fertile body.

I am a demon—a primal wicked creature to be summoned, bound, and ordered to do whatever violent, shady, or carnal task my summoner commands. That’s what humans believe, anyway. They think it’s all we want, but what I want is to be free of them; I’ve served humans against my will for far too long.

But one night, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity drops in my lap. In the midst of a mysterious attack on his household, my mage master Salenor flees and leaves me in some middle-of-nowhere motel, charged with guarding his precious only daughter, Moyra.

It doesn’t take me long to confirm she’s like every other unmarried mage: sex-starved and quick enough to take me up on my offer to serve her more intimately while nobody’s watching her every move…

She’s used to being in charge and happy to order me to fulfill her every desire—and I’m happy to obey. Because if I tempt her enough, I might just be able to get her to remove the ring that keeps me impotent. If Moyra wants to play with me properly, she'll have to. What she doesn't know is that, for once, the ring is also the only thing binding me to obey.

If she takes it off, I’ll be free to do as I please. And it would please me to get revenge on my former master by ravaging his daughter’s tight fertile body and leaving them both with something to remember me by…

Content Warning: A Demon Sheds His Chains is a 9K M/F dark erotic short involving sex between a male demon slave and his human mistress. The dynamic switches to M-dom noncon and forced breeding.


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