Dark Erotic & Romantic Fantasy


The Crow Prince

Noncon dark erotic fantasy, 40K words, HFN ending (but not a romance) 

Everyone warned me away from the woods where the Crow Prince reigns, but I am Princess Heatherette, heir to all of Etrea, and I bow to no fae lord. I know that’s why he stole my enchanted ring, then offered it back in return for one night with him each year. It’s a deal I’m forced to make at the moment, but one I will flee to avoid paying. Now I’m terrified the prince will come for what he’s owed, and more…

CONTENT WARNINGS/KINKS/TROPES: Noncon, noncon gangbang, noncon sexual humiliation, noncon oral, noncon anal, dubcon sharing, some noncon FF, painful sex (size difference), “special”/monster cock, violence, mild blood and gore, bisexual MMC (but no MM), mild sexually charged interaction between the two MMCs, MFM relationship, villain gets the girl

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Meet Taryn Moreau

Hi, I’m Taryn Moreau! I’m a writer of dark fantasy and paranormal fiction steeped in even darker romance and erotica.

I enjoy writing:

  • “It’s complicated” relationships with very bad men
  • Hot villains and enemies with benefits
  • Edgy kinks like breeding and extreme power imbalance
  • Stories that push (or obliterate) lines of consent (non-con, dub-con, rel-con)

I love combining these themes with complex morally gray characters, deep worldbuilding, and, of course, lots of sensuality and sex.

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